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At Parramatta Handyman, we aim to take care of all the handyman jobs around your home and office that are falling behind on your to-do list. There is always a long list of things that need to be done around the home or office and at times, these things can be neglected depending on how important they are and they can take years to get finished if the motivation is lost.

Whether it is a loss of interest in the project, a lack of time or a lack of understanding and experience in how to finish the task – Parramatta Handyman can help get it finished for you. Parramatta Handyman is made up of a diverse team that can cover a wide range of tasks around the home and office, leaving you with more time in the day to do the things you want to do.

We cover a wide range of tasks from easy to more difficult tasks including lawn mowing, painting, drywall repairs, appliance repair and installation and basic carpentry tasks.

We are a team of professionals that not only come to your home or office and complete these tasks for you, but we also make sure that we clean up our mess, take away all of our rubbish (whether it is ours or not) and leave the area looking as good as new.

We take the guess work out of all those odd jobs around the home that you need to complete, we ensure that they are completed correctly and in a timely manner. We help you to get back on top of that to do list and not have to worry about trying to get it right yourself. 

At Parramatta Handyman we aim to provide a quality service each and every time. Being a local business we are able to help those in the Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. We know it can be difficult to have a handyman come out to see you so we make sure that we have a team of dedicated staff who are ready to pop out, quote on your job and get started quickly so that you can get back to your everyday life.

We don’t leave you waiting weekend on end for a quote and then another few weeks before the job can be started. We are efficient and timely in both our quoting and producing of work and aim to complete the jobs in a time frame that suits you and your needs. We know there are a lot of jobs around the home and office that you don’t want to do yourself and luckily we are here to help get them finished for you.

Why spend your weekend off trying to complete these jobs that you are not confident in doing yourself when you can bring someone in to get them done for you? Give us a call today on 02 9053 8733.

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Work Required
Appliance Repair
Drywall and Grout
Serviceman Working On Fridge At Home

The last thing you need is for one of your household appliances to stop working at a crucial time.

Your appliances are an important and integral part of your household and making sure that it runs smoothly.

When you do end up in the unfortunate

position where one of your appliances stops working, instead of rushing out and purchasing a new one, why not call us and have one of our team members come out and have a look at it and see whether it can be repaired?

It is a much more affordable way of keeping

your household running than having to purchase a new appliance because we all

know that in doing so, it can become rather expensive.

Offering excellent service and familiarity with many household names including Samsung, LG and Hisense (to name a few), a Parramatta handyman is all you need for your appliance repairs.

Man Plastering Drywall

Whether you need new gyprock added into your home or if you need a repair of existing drywall we are able to assist.

Drywall is the product used to create the internal walls and ceilings of homes and offices and at times can become damaged through a hard hit to the wall whether accidental or intentional.

Our team have experience with drywall of all types and we can come out and repair the damage that has been done, match the paint colour and have the wall looking as good as new. We also can assist in the re-grouting of tiles around the home.

Overtime the grout around your tiles in your bathroom, kitchen and floors can start to break away or become discoloured. We can come in and have the grout fixed and looking white and new again.

We are an affordable option for all your

drywall and grouting needs. So call us today and let's get started.

Man Holding Wooden Stick While Drilling Hole

There are a lot of carpentry tasks around the home and office that can be completed by our specialised handymen.

We are experienced in a number of different tasks including carpentry repairs to various structures around the home, taking on new carpentry projects and completing them from start to finish along with any other basic carpentry needs that you have around the home or office.

We ensure that we use quality products when

completing these tasks and provide you with a step by step guide on how we will be conducting the project to ensure that you are happy with the service that you are receiving.

Although some of the repair tasks may look easy enough to complete yourself it is important that if it is something that is structural, even just a table that will hold things, it is important that you have someone trained and experienced complete it for you to ensure that it is completed correctly and there is no risk of damage or breakage in the future.

Parramatta painter working on the exterior of a property with white paint

Painting is one of those tasks that are best left to professionals. If done incorrectly, it could end up costing you more to fix than you would have saved in the first place!

Our experienced Parramatta painters are on hand and ready to assist with every type of painting job. From interior painting and exterior painting of residential and commercial buildings.

Whether it is a touch up or a complete redo of your property's look, we will work closely with you to identify the best colours, type of paint and application method to leave you with a smile.

We work hand in hand with our gyprocking team, so if there are any defects or unsightly areas in your walls, we will liaise with them to conduct and complete any repairs with professionalism and quality at the forefront of the service.

For professional painting services in Parramatta, contact the team at Parramatta Handyman today.

Your household repairs, maintenance and new projects are safe in the hands of the Parramatta Handyman team. We take pride in every single job that we quote and attend and ensure that you are happy with the process throughout. Even if it is something as simple as lawn mowing or pressure washing that you require, we take our time and ensure that the job is done correctly for you.

When products and supplies are needed for the project, we only source the best quality so that you do not need to worry about what is being used and you can rest assured knowing that it will last and uphold and exceed your expectations. We are also able to source our supplies at a wholesale rate, meaning that you do not need to pay full retail price from Bunnings or the like for your supplies.

So before you put the off jobs around your home or office on the back burner or attempt to do them yourself after watching a Youtube video (not a good idea!!) – call Parramatta Handyman on 02 9053 8733 and have one of our friendly team members come out and complete the job for you.

Our services are affordable, our staff are friendly and our expertise shows through our work. Let us be a part of your household and put us to work today!