Appliance Repair, Parramatta, NSW

Is there anything than having your washing machine suddenly stop working when you have a few loads of washing to do?

Or your fridge stopping on a really hot day?

Whether your appliance is new or whether it is a few years old, there is always the risk of it breaking or suddenly stopping from functioning properly.

Replacing these big-ticket items can be very expensive and if it is something that has happened all of a sudden then the cost of replacing them is sometimes out of reach and not possible at the time. If you are not in the position to replace the item or if it is no longer covered by warranty than your next best option is to have the appliance repaired if possible.

One of the many handyman services that we provide at Parramatta Handyman is appliance repair. Our handymen have worked across many different appliances and have seen firsthand a number of different reasons as to why these products stop working. Sometimes it is a simple fix and other times parts may need to be replaced in order to get it working again.

When you call our team about your appliance, we will have one of our friendly handymen come out and assess the appliance and determine what the problem is and how it can be fixed. If it is able to be fixed (there are times when unfortunately this won’t be possible) we will provide a quote with the details of what needs to be fixed, parts that may need to be purchased and an overall cost to complete the job for you at the highest standard.

If your appliance needs new parts, we ensure that we source quality parts that will not damage the appliance and that will last and continue to provide you with the functions that you need – the last thing you want is for a subpar part to be put into your appliance and then you have the same issue a few weeks or months down the track. Our team is dedicated to helping those in the Parramatta and surrounding suburbs with all their appliance repair needs and we aim to complete the quoting and approved repairs in a timely fashion.

We understand that these appliances help to keep your household running smoothly and we do not want you having to go without for a long period of time. So before stressing out about how you are going to afford to replace any appliance in your home that has stopped working, give the team at Parramatta Handyman a call and let us come out and have a look at it for you.

Repairing the appliance is going to be a much more affordable option for you and it saves you the hassle of having to go shopping, finding a new product and then getting it delivered or shipped back to your home. 

We are ready to assist and help you get back online with your household appliances through repairing them.

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