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There are many household repairs and jobs that need to be completed, but it is not always possible to get them done yourself. It could be due to lack of time, lack of

expertise or simply just not wanting to do them yourself.

When it comes to these jobs, instead of putting them off any longer, why not call the team at Parramatta Handyman and see what we can do for you? At Parramatta Handyman we offer a range of different services and are able to help with many different household repairs, maintenance and new projects. We make getting through these tasks on your to do list so much easier.

Over time there may be things in your home that start to break, have incurred damage or simply would look better if they are replaced. Such items can include the drywall and ceiling and the grout around your tiles. We can assist in the repairs and fixing of such issues in your home.

We have a team of highly experienced contractors that are able to come in and fix any drywall or gyprock issues that you have within the home. Whether it is replacing full panels or fixing up a hole that has been made – we are there to help. We ensure that we use quality products and once the repair is made we also match the existing paint of the wall and make sure that the damaged area is repainted so no one will ever know that there

was an issue with the wall. 

Over time the grout around your tiles in your bathroom, kitchen and flooring can start to break away, become mouldy or discoloured. Instead of spending large amounts of money

at your local trade store and trying to fix the issue on your own, our team can come out and assist with the regrouting of these areas or cleaning of existing grout if there is no obvious damage to it.

We can have your tiled areas looking as good as new with a fresh coat of grout and tips on how to maintain the grout so that you are not having the same issue with it down the track. We ensure that we use only the best quality supplies when completing both drywall and grout repairs so that you can be assured that the issue will not arise again in the near future. We pride ourselves on the services we provide and the areas that we can provide these services to.

If you are in Parramatta or the surrounding suburbs feel free to reach out and get a quote from one of our friendly staff members on fixing any household damage or concerns that you have when it comes to your drywall or grouting throughout the home.

Not only do we provide a quality service, but we also do it at an affordable price so that you can have the fixtures that you need without having to break the bank in doing so.

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